Wednesday, 4 July 2018

math 4 kidz that r pro

this is my math 4 kidz that r pro

life of leaf

my life of leaf animation

Friday, 29 June 2018

dung beetle stuff


This is us at Arataki where we caught random bugs!

                       We also learnt the life cycle of LIFE of a leaf!!!


Tuesday, 26 June 2018

my report on arachnids

Report on arachnids, different spiders.

Spider on Apple iOS 11.3

Even if you have ever heard a word called “arachnids”?  There is billions of chances you've seen one. Think about the last time you have seen a SPIDER in your trees and your garden. If you have seen a spider that means you've seen a arachnid.

They have 8 legs and 8 eyes and two parts to their bodies. Some are furry and are scary to some people.Spider Web on emojidex 1.0.34

They make there white string like webs in gardens and trees. They make 3 types of webs called funnels, orbs and cobwebs.Related image

Interesting facts about spiders
The most poisonous spider in the world is the brazilian wandering spider. The wandering spider is also called the armed spider

Image result for bird eating spider

BIRD EATING SPIDER Is also called the giant tarantula.Bird eating spider is the heaviest spider in the world!

The Darwin bark spiders web is five times stronger than a piano wire.Also its web is 10 times stronger than the kelver used to make bullet proof vests.Image result for spider diagram

We need to look after spiders so the next time we see one, don't step on it.

report on arachnids

my arachnids facts 4 kidz

Monday, 25 June 2018

my stretched sentences 3

my stretched sentences 3